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This addictive puzzle game lets you uncover ancient Indian secrets! Delve into a mysterious world, fascinating and full of... Go to game
Sterne - (69.0)

Genre: Match-3
Size: 69.0 MB

Big City Adventure: Barcelona

(Big City Adventure: Barcelona)

In-between mountains and sun-soaked beaches, the vibrant and stylish city of Barcelona awaits you. Whether you're looking for... Go to game
5 Sterne - (113.1)

  von 1 Mitgliedern
Genre: Hidden Object
Size: 113.1 MB

100% Hidden Objects

(100% Hidden Objects)

Tired of long-winded stories? You cannot wait to let your eyes feast on an abundance of hidden object scenes? 100% Hidden... Go to game
Sterne - (199.5)

Genre: Hidden Object
Size: 199.5 MB

Sandra Fleming Chronicles: Crystal Skulls

(Sandra Fleming Chronicles: Crystal Skulls)

Centuries ago, the legendary crystal skulls were scattered around the world. Now the race is on to rescue them from their... Go to game
Sterne - (229.9)

Genre: Hidden Object
Size: 229.9 MB

Chicken Invaders 5: Cluck of the Dark Side

(Chicken Invaders 5: Cluck of the Dark Side)

It had to happen sometime: a powerful breed of intergalactic space chickens have hatched a devious plan to invade earth and... Go to game
Sterne - (106.3)

Genre: Action
Size: 106.3 MB

Viking Saga 2: New World

(Viking Saga 2: New World)

Thanks to your help, Ingolf was able to claim the mighty Viking throne! Now - many years later - the brave hero needs your help... Go to game
Sterne - (219.6)

Genre: Click Management
Size: 219.6 MB

Chase for Adventure: The Lost City

(Chase for Adventure: The Lost City)

Help the young archeologist Ann Windsoe search for her father and his legacy: one of the most amazing secrets of history!... Go to game
Sterne - (411.0)

Genre: Click Management
Size: 411.0 MB

Darkness and Flame: Born of Fire

(Darkness and Flame: Born of Fire)

When a young girl named Alice finds a strange egg hidden in a beautiful box, her life is about to change forever! From this... Go to game
Sterne - (707.8)

Genre: Hidden Object
Size: 707.8 MB

Path of Sin: Greed

(Path of Sin: Greed)

The Bradford family owns a very successful IT company and possesses a beautiful lonely island. But when suddenly the corpse of... Go to game
Sterne - (814.4)

Genre: Hidden Object
Size: 814.4 MB

Gnomes Garden Halloween

(Gnomes Garden Halloween)

The princess of Gnome Country receives a letter, saying that she is the heiress of a faraway land that belonged to an uncle of... Go to game
Sterne - (167.6)

Genre: Click Management
Size: 167.6 MB
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Combine or swap symbols to match groups of three or more identical symbols!
Hidden Object
Find hidden objects, discover ancient secrets, solve difficult riddles and go on incredible adventures!
In fast-paced simulations or fantastic adventures - time is always money!
Riddles, puzzles, brain teasers: this is true work-out for your mind!
Play the most amazing versions of the ancient Chinese puzzle game on your PC!
Quick eyes and even faster reactions are what it takes to be a winner!
Play the legendary card game in numerous excellent and challenging variations.
Explore fantastic worlds full of riddles, games and surprises!


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