Click Management-game: Incredible Dracula 6: The Ice Kingdom

Incredible Dracula 6: The Ice Kingdom

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Click Management

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Get ready for Dracula's most chilling adventure!

The Ice Queen will turn the world into a snowball! Fight your way through a frosty Time-Management land and stop her!
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Detailed Description

Incredible Dracula 6: The Ice Kingdom
Get ready for Dracula's most chilling adventure!

Dracula is back! But not just for fun... The Ice Queen wants to rule the world and in order to do so, she is planning to turn it into a giant snowball! There is only one way to cross her evil plans: You must assemble the scattered pieces of the Snow Mirror and trap the queen! But beware - glaciers, frozen settlements, and ice zombies are along your way! One thing is certain: This Time-Management quest is Dracula's most chilling adventure of all times!

  • Crazy Click-Management levels in an icy surrounding
  • A funny story with your favorite vampire
  • A thorough tutorial to teach you everything you need
  • Up for another Dracula story? Let's go on with Incredible Dracula 5: Vargosi Returns

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System Requirements
For Incredible Dracula 6: The Ice Kingdom:
Operating system: Windows Vista/7/8/10
Processor: CPU 2000 MHz
Space: 1000 MB free disc space
Memory: 2048 MB RAM
Video memory: 512 MB Graphics Card (3D accelerated video card recommended)
DirectX: v9.0 or better
Internet Explorer: v.7.0 or better
Other: Sound card