Click Management-game: New Yankee in Pharaoh's Court 6

New Yankee in Pharaoh's Court 6

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Click Management

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Time travelers, buckle up! Ancient Egypt is in danger!

Are you ready for a race against time? Help our Time-Management heroes Sir John and Lady Mary to defeat a phony pharaoh!
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Detailed Description

New Yankee in Pharaoh's Court 6
Time travelers, buckle up! Ancient Egypt is in danger!

Once again, it's time for our two time-traveling Click-Management heroes to use the great Mirror between the Worlds. The forgotten lands of Ancient Egypt have been buried under the sands of time, but now a mischievous pharaoh claimed the great throne! The team must help the former ruler to defeat this evil force and deal with scorpions, mummies, and other ancient obstacles. Will you help them once more on this adventurous journey?

  • Simple rules, great challenges
  • A funny story with well-known heroes
  • Exciting minigames and tons of Click-Management levels
  • The newest follow-up of the time travel classic New Yankee in King Arthur's Court 5

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System Requirements
For New Yankee in Pharaoh's Court 6:
Operating system: Windows Vista/7/8/10
Processor: CPU 1500 MHz
Space: 400 MB free disc space
Memory: 1024 MB RAM
Video memory: 512 MB Graphics Card (3D accelerated video card recommended)
DirectX: v9.0 or better
Internet Explorer: v.7.0 or better
Other: Sound card