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Griddlers: Ted and P.E.T.

(Griddlers: Ted and P.E.T.)

Head into the past with brave time travelers! This time, the tireless and handsome scientist Ted and his clever robot P.E.T.... Go to game
Sterne - (85.4)

Genre: Logic
Size: 85.4 MB

Rainbow Mosaics: Christmas Lights

(Rainbow Mosaics: Christmas Lights)

A warm Christmas mood is slowly spreading in the house of the Smith family. The tree is ready to be decorated, the house shines... Go to game
Sterne - (102.5)

Genre: Logic
Size: 102.5 MB

1001 Jigsaw: Legends of Mystery

(1001 Jigsaw: Legends of Mystery)

Enter a wondrous world full of colorful images all about witchcraft, the Day of the Dead, vampire vaults, and spooky treats!... Go to game
Sterne - (160.6)

Genre: Logic
Size: 160.6 MB

Mysteries of Horus

(Mysteries of Horus)

The gods of ancient Egypt are calling on you! Use your divine puzzle skills to drag pieces onto multiple moving conveyers to... Go to game
Sterne - (67.3)

Genre: Logic
Size: 67.3 MB

Gizmos: Riddle Of The Universe

(Gizmos: Riddle Of The Universe)

Emergency in Gizmo Land! An unknown device has crashed into Kurt the Mechanic's garage. After sharing the alarming news with... Go to game
Sterne - (141.8)

Genre: Logic
Size: 141.8 MB

Pixel Art 3

(Pixel Art 3)

Grant yourself some time off and sit back with the third part of the famous Logic hit "Pixel Art"! Do you remember all those... Go to game
Sterne - (100.6)

Genre: Logic
Size: 100.6 MB

Pixel Art 4

(Pixel Art 4)

Who doesn't remember all those hours we spent with amazing "color-by-numbers" puzzles, filling numbered fields with all kinds... Go to game
Sterne - (94.1)

Genre: Logic
Size: 94.1 MB

Travel Mosaics 10: Spooky Halloween

(Travel Mosaics 10: Spooky Halloween)

Join the Walker family on their next Mosaic tour around the world, but dress up warmly! This time, spooky stories about... Go to game
Sterne - (223.6)

Genre: Logic
Size: 223.6 MB

1001 Jigsaw: 6 Magic Elements

(1001 Jigsaw: 6 Magic Elements)

Candlelight, the sound of waves, birds' twittering, autumnal delight: "1001 Jigsaw: 6 Magic Elements" is all about those... Go to game
Sterne - (335.2)

Genre: Logic
Size: 335.2 MB

Pixel Art

(Pixel Art)

Do you remember all the color-by-numbers puzzles you solved when you were a kid? It's time to walk down memory lane and... Go to game
Sterne - (95.8)

Genre: Logic
Size: 95.8 MB

Fairytale Griddlers: Red Riding Hood Secret

(Fairytale Griddlers: Red Riding Hood Secret)

This captivating Logic hit tells the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood in a completely new way! You have to solve 200... Go to game
Sterne - (109.9)

Genre: Logic
Size: 109.9 MB

Royal Jigsaw 4

(Royal Jigsaw 4)

1000 new images - 1000 reasons to play "Royal Jigsaw 4"! Five themed packages: castles of the world, interiors, antiques,... Go to game
Sterne - (322.8)

Genre: Logic
Size: 322.8 MB

Royal Jigsaw 3

(Royal Jigsaw 3)

1000 high quality images, useful tools, optional game difficulty control, special modes, achievements and trophies. And of... Go to game
Sterne - (314.2)

Genre: Logic
Size: 314.2 MB

Rainbow Pixel

(Rainbow Pixel)

The time is ripe for another round of color by numbers - without pen and paper! In Rainbow Pixel, you have the chance to fill... Go to game
Sterne - (100.7)

Genre: Logic
Size: 100.7 MB

1001 Jigsaw: Earth Chronicles 7

(1001 Jigsaw: Earth Chronicles 7)

Our Earth is full of surprises! The 7th part of "1001 Jigsaw: Earth Chronicles" presents you more than 500 high-quality images... Go to game
Sterne - (343.8)

Genre: Logic
Size: 343.8 MB

World's Greatest Cities Mosaics 6

(World's Greatest Cities Mosaics 6)

The popular puzzle hit "World's Greatest Cities Mosaics" is back with part six! Are you in? More than 100 challenging Mosaic... Go to game
Sterne - (147.1)

Genre: Logic
Size: 147.1 MB

Alice's Jigsaw: Time Travel 2

(Alice's Jigsaw: Time Travel 2)

Are you ready for another Puzzle adventure with our fabulous Alice? Then it's time to take the girl's hand and let her take you... Go to game
Sterne - (302.9)

Genre: Logic
Size: 302.9 MB

Travel Mosaics 8: Breathtaking Seoul

(Travel Mosaics 8: Breathtaking Seoul)

The Walkers just returned from their trip to Berlin and they already start packing for their next journey. This time, they are... Go to game
Sterne - (233.7)

Genre: Logic
Size: 233.7 MB

Time Twins Mosaics: Tales of Avalon

(Time Twins Mosaics: Tales of Avalon)

Are you ready for another journey with the famous time twins? Puzzle your way through the world of Avalon and solve one... Go to game
Sterne - (101.2)

Genre: Logic
Size: 101.2 MB

Fairytale Mosaics: Cinderella 2

(Fairytale Mosaics: Cinderella 2)

Young Cinderella cannot wait until the annual fairy tale ball is finally happening again. During her preparations, she... Go to game
Sterne - (302.1)

Genre: Logic
Size: 302.1 MB

1001 Jigsaw World Tour: Australian Puzzles

(1001 Jigsaw World Tour: Australian Puzzles)

Welcome to Down Under! Puzzle your way through 500 amazing high-quality motives and embark on a virtual journey to the other... Go to game
Sterne - (187.1)

Genre: Logic
Size: 187.1 MB

Picross: Hansel and Gretel

(Picross: Hansel and Gretel)

Oh, no! The fairy tale forest is in great danger! Red Riding Hood and her husband, the Woodcutter, thought that their home was... Go to game
Sterne - (120.8)

Genre: Logic
Size: 120.8 MB

Mosaics Galore: Glorious Journey

(Mosaics Galore: Glorious Journey)

What could be more fun than passing your time in an amazing fairytale world with never-ending Mosaic puzzles? "Mosaics Galore"... Go to game
Sterne - (285.7)

Genre: Logic
Size: 285.7 MB

Pixel Art 2

(Pixel Art 2)

The innovative Logic success "Pixel Art" is ready for round two! Are you too? Brand-new patters, well-known fun! Whether you... Go to game
Sterne - (100.2)

Genre: Logic
Size: 100.2 MB

Picross BonBon - Nonograms

(Picross BonBon - Nonograms)

Chocolate bars, colorful sprinkles, cake art: This Mosaic treat simply is the cherry on top of all nonogram games! Judith and... Go to game
Sterne - (160.4)

Genre: Logic
Size: 160.4 MB
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