Logic-game: Brickshooter Egypt

Brickshooter Egypt

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The brand new logic game highlight!

This latest logic game places you in the middle of Ancient Egypt! Get ready to journey down the Nile and rebuild the age-old Pyramids! Be prepared to lock yourself in your room and go crazy over this brand new logic game from Screen Seven!
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Detailed Description

BRICKSHOOTER EGYPT — A different kind logic game!

Your task in this game is to decipher the ancient, mysterious hieroglyphics and rebuild the Pyramids of Egypt. Your goal is the removal of all the luminous characters by creating similar groups of granite blocks.

There are 60 levels in which you can prove what an accomplished Pyramid builder you are. This game will fascinate you as you attempt to conquer every level and crack the hieroglyphic code! Remember: slow and steady wins the race – be too hasty and you’ll be penalized!

BRICKSHOOTER EGYPT — Become the saviour of these ancient monuments with this game!

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System Requirements
For Brickshooter Egypt:
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista
Processor: CPU 800 MHz
Space: 30 MB free disc space
Memory: 64 MB RAM
Video memory: 32 MB Graphics Card
DirectX: v8.0 or better
Internet Explorer: v.5.0 or better
Other: Sound card