Logic-game: Travel Mosaics 3: Tokyo Animated

Travel Mosaics 3: Tokyo Animated

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Curious about Tokyo? Let's play!

Brain-joggers and globetrotters: buckle up! The Walker animal family is back for a new adventurous trip to Japan!
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Detailed Description

Travel Mosaics 3: Tokyo Animated
Curious about Tokyo? Let's play!

Do you like to travel? Have you always wondered what Japan's capital looks like? Are you a Mosaic fan and ready to dive into a brand-new Puzzle challenge? Then it's time to pack your things and join the friendly Walker family on their trip to Tokyo! Travel Mosaics takes you right into the buzzing streets of an amazing city - a perfect escape for full-time brain-joggers and hobby puzzlers!

  • Master 140 colorful and challenging mosaic puzzles
  • Solve tricky quiz questions about Japan's amazing capital
  • Choose between 3 difficulty modes and join a pleasant family
  • Stretch your fingers and get ready for the follow-up of Travel Mosaics 2: Roman Holiday

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System Requirements
For Travel Mosaics 3: Tokyo Animated:
Operating system: Windows Vista/7/8/10
Processor: CPU 1000 MHz
Space: 700 MB free disc space
Memory: 1024 MB RAM
Video memory: 128 MB Graphics Card (3D accelerated video card recommended)
DirectX: v9.0 or better
Internet Explorer: v.7.0 or better
Other: Sound card