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Match 3 Games are awesome! They are fast, they demand a quick eye and even quicker reflexes and they can become pretty hard to beat. At you'll find a great variety of different Match 3 Games, everything between straight forward arcade games, compelling action adventures or demanding logical puzzles!
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Runefall 2 Collector's Edition

(Runefall 2 Collector's Edition)

Return to your dear friends from Rivermoor once more - you have another dangerous Match-3 quest to complete! Someone stole all... Go to game
Sterne - (490.7)

Genre: Match-3
Size: 490.7 MB

Sweet Clouds

(Sweet Clouds)

Jim and Tornado were just about to go on their next mail delivery tour, but it seems like someone destroyed all devices keeping... Go to game
Sterne - (95.5)

Genre: Match-3
Size: 95.5 MB

Sugar Crime

(Sugar Crime)

Who came up with this idea?! No more sweets are allowed in the USA! No candy, no cakes, no wine gum, no chocolate! The witty... Go to game
Sterne - (105.2)

Genre: Match-3
Size: 105.2 MB

Macabre Ring

(Macabre Ring)

Chief inspector Smith and officer Miller are being accused of the murder of the young Amalia Simmons, even though they are in... Go to game
Sterne - (115.0)

Genre: Match-3
Size: 115.0 MB

5 Star Miami Resort

(5 Star Miami Resort)

As the owner of the most famous luxury hotels in Rio and Hawaii, Lucy already proofed her management skills. Now the next... Go to game
Sterne - (175.0)

Genre: Match-3
Size: 175.0 MB

Paper Land

(Paper Land)

The little knight Allington has always been a bit of a coward. When the great dragon smashed the whole Paper Land to the... Go to game
Sterne - (100.3)

Genre: Match-3
Size: 100.3 MB



Get ready for a private little amusement session and plunge right into the wonderful Match-3 world of Kensho! But careful, as... Go to game
Sterne - (191.5)

Genre: Match-3
Size: 191.5 MB

Monster Toons

(Monster Toons)

Meet Mary Pickword, the most talented animator in the world! Mary just went on a little holiday in the mountains, when suddenly... Go to game
Sterne - (142.2)

Genre: Match-3
Size: 142.2 MB

My Pretty Kitty

(My Pretty Kitty)

Did you ever dream of taking care of your own little kitten? May we introduce: Kitty, the cutest cat in the whole universe! But... Go to game
Sterne - (108.9)

Genre: Match-3
Size: 108.9 MB

Mundus: Impossible Universe 2

(Mundus: Impossible Universe 2)

Match-3 fun as far as the eye can see! Are you ready for another trip through the beautiful kaleidoscope of fantastic worlds?... Go to game
Sterne - (118.8)

Genre: Match-3
Size: 118.8 MB
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Match 3 Games at!

Our Match 3 Games are the perfect choice for a quick and relaxing break at work or a fun pastime at home. Their quickly and intuitively understandable gameplay makes them suitable for gamers of all ages. Do you like wild adventures in fantastic worlds full of magic? Or dangerous expeditions to lost civilizations and gorgeous trips around the world? Our Match 3 Games are always good for a surprise! You can always download and play the most up-to-date Match 3 Games at for free! All games can be redeemed easily by way of our user-friendly Game Center.

How do Match 3 Games work?

Match 3 Games are multifunctional puzzle games which can be learned intuitively and which offer long lasting fun. The main gameplay consists of trying to combine chains, rows or groups of three or more matching symbols or colors in order to make them vanish from the board. To achieve this goal you can use manifold - and often spectacularly animated - extras and bonuses. There is the perfect Match 3 Game for every taste! In our huge games catalog you can find fast paced and action packed games that test your quickness and reactions, but also slower games that demand logical thinking and overwhelm you with gorgeous graphics while training your mind and creativity with challenging puzzles. Our many different Match 3 Games are the perfect blend of logical puzzle fun and gripping action and they guarantee hours of fun for the whole family!

Get the most popular Match 3 Games at!

Find the most up-to-date and popular Match 3 Games at and download them for free! Ageless classics like Heroes of Hellas, 7 Wonders or Jewel Match 3, the action-packed games from the hit series Treasures of Montezuma , fantastic adventures like Jewel Match 3 or Old Clockmaker's Riddle. Top hits like Cradle of Egypt and Call of Atlantis are part of our huge display of downloadable Match 3 Games. All our Match 3 Games are perfectly suitable for children and can be played to improve reaction skills and logical thinking!

Download Match 3 Games for free!

You don't need an expensive high-end PC to play our Match 3 Games. You can find all the necessary information right on the game page so that you can download and play the games without problems on your PC. You can download all our Match 3 Games for free and play them for 60 minutes to see if you like a game or not. If you like it, you can easily redeem it by way of our customer friendly game center. We offer the greatest Match 3 Games by the best producers on the market, among them companies like Alawar, PlayRix, Awem, MumboJumbo and many more!